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Long Island Miniature Collectors Society                         Beginners           “Starting Your First Figure”
Basic Kit Preparation
This article should give you, the beginner, the basic knowledge you will need to construct your first figure.  Please note that this is very simplified and there are many more points which can be addressed.  you will learn these on your own or by reading other articles or by by asking other painters. Also, there is You Tube. Many painters and manufacturers upload videos on painting figures.  Most are very good to excellent.  The there is the Mr. Black books on painting figures.  They are up to number 19 already and very good. Figure kits are made from white metal or resin.  Photo 1 shows a 75mm kit from Romeo Models.  Photo 3 shows some of the basic tools you will need. You will need a few files, a brass wire brush, and x-acto knife, 400 and 600 wet or dry sandpaper, instant glue, five minute epoxy, filler putty and primer paint. Photo 2 shows the parts laid out to be inspected and test fitted. Most castings, especially metal ones have seam lines that must be removed as seen in Photos 4 and 5.  This is best done with the x-acto #11 blade and a file. Sandpaper can be used to smooth everything out once the seam line has been removed.  If there are large gaps between parts you will have to use gap filler putty.  You can use a 2 part putty like Milliput or regular filler like Tamiya. Large parts are put together with 5 Minute epoxy and smaller detail parts are attached with instant glue such as Loctite Professional. Once everything is done and you are satisfied with it, wash it with soap and water, let it dry and spray it with primer either by airbrush or with a can. Model Master makes a gray or a Figure White Primer.  Primer usually reveals more imperfections which will have to be corrected and then the figure will have to be resprayed. All this can be seen on You Tube.  Paints are up to you, acrylic or oils or a combination of the two.
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